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Award Expeditions & Residentials

We know that Scouts and Guides love a badge!

Award Expeditions and Residentials

Awards such as the Explorer Belt, Queens Scout Award and the Duke of Edinburgh Award are an integral part of a Scout or Guides progression through the movement. They help young people learn new skills and gain a sense of confidence that can be transferred into other aspects of their life.

Canvas & Compass Travel can help facilitate award expeditions and residentials to help them complete the award programme. Below are some of the awards that can have an international expedition or a residential aspect to them that your group might be interested in working towards.

Explorer Belt

The Explorer Belt is a challenge of a lifetime. It is a chance to take part in a ten-day expedition outside of the UK that brings the participant a real understanding of a different country, its culture and way of life. They will develop this understanding by travelling through your chosen country, working as part of a small team to complete a series of projects and most importantly by meeting local people. It is an experience and an achievement that they will remember for the rest of their life.

Queen's Scout Award

The Queen's Scout Award is the top achievement for Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members and comprises of a variety of activities to complete before the age of 25. Activities include –

  • 18 nights away as an Explorer Scout or Scout Network member, of which at least 12 must be camping.
  • International, Community and Values activities
  • Complete the five Queen’s Scout Award challenges – Skill, Physical Activity, Service, Expedition and Residential.

The Queen's Scout Award (QSA) is linked closely to the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award and it is worth working on the two awards together.

Duke Of Edinburgh Award

Many young people find achieving a DofE Award life-changing. A fun adventure and major challenge, three progressive Award levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and a wide range of activities offer endless possibilities to anyone aged 14 to 24. Millions of young people in the UK have already taken part in the world’s leading youth achievement award – pushing personal boundaries, gaining new skills and enhancing their CVs and university applications.

The award to broken down into 4 main sections, with an additional residential section for the Gold award -

  • Volunteering
  • Physical
  • Skills
  • Expedition
  • Residential (for Gold DofE participants only)

Scouts of The World

The Scouts of the World Award is an international award launched by WOSM in order to encourage a stronger involvement of Scouts (aged 15-26) in the development of society by making them more aware of the global issues concerning the world today. The Scouts of the World Award concerns global citizenship preparation for young adults and emphasises three core themes - environment, development and peace.

The Scouts of the World Award is made up of two parts:

1. Scouts of the World Discovery

The Scouts of the World Discovery is a trip lasting several days, organised with a focus on environment, development or peace. This exploration should enable the participants to gain an in- depth knowledge of the issues involved within their chosen field, to identify possible solutions to a given problem and to plan and implement a connected project.

2. Scouts of the World Voluntary Service

A Scouts of the World Voluntary Service is a period of personal commitment to develop a community project, corresponding to the theme of the Scouts of the World Discovery. The Voluntary Service must be a sufficient number of days and can be served in one stretch or divided into different parts.