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Financial Security

Canvas & Compass Travel

Financial Security

When looking to book your travel it can be a daunting experience trying to decide who the best. company to book with is. Do you shop around and book individual components with different suppliers, or trust one company to book the whole package.

Canvas and Compass Travel operate alongside Strachan Travel and Sam Smith Travel who are established trusted travel companies. They are fully bonded with an IATA, ATOL and ABTA licence but what does that exactly mean to you the consumer?

We asked our Consumer Law Consultant, who is the lead for civil law at the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) to explain -

Are you thinking about planning your next big adventure with your Scout or Guide group? Will you use the services of a travel expert to help you book?

If that “expert” is a travel industry professional, you will be entering into a contract and you may think your arrangements are financially secure. As a consumer you have extra safeguards, but the onus is still on you to think about what you are doing, read the small print and consider how well protected you are if things go wrong!

What are your rights?

The contract is a contract for services. Every contract to supply a service is to be treated as including a term that the trader must perform the service with reasonable care and skill. Chapter 4 Consumer Rights Act 2015.

But what if the trader goes bust? You may have paid for your holiday in advance and even though entitled to a refund you will only become an unsecured creditor and may get nothing back.

Therefore, before booking you need to look out for additional safeguards -

The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992.

This is a long title for legislation to protect you the consumer when you book “package travel”. That happens when you book two or more parts of your travel plans through one person or company. For example - If you book your flight, and your accommodation together, then it is a “package”.

The organiser of a package who is established in the United Kingdom must provide effective security to cover your losses in the event of his insolvency. If you book all the parts of your holiday yourself, or through an agent separately this is not a package, so be careful. You may think you are saving money, but in the long run it could turn out to be very costly.

These organisations also provide protection to you the consumer when you book with travel providers who hold their licences –

ABTA, the Association of British Travel Agents

They have been a trusted travel brand for more than 65 years, offering advice and guidance to you, the travelling public, as well as leading the travel industry in supporting high service standards, working with their members on health and safety, and promoting responsible tourism at home and abroad.

The name ABTA means that holidaymakers are afforded protection. It is specifically designed to cover holidays bought in the UK that don’t include flights. So, if you buy a land or sea-based package holiday, such as a coach, rail or cruise holiday from an ABTA member, your money and holiday will be protected by ABTA’s financial protection scheme.

Remember to travel with confidence, always look for the ABTA logo.

IATA, the International Air Transport Association

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a trade body that represents most major airlines and helps to formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues. You can feel reassured that any travel agent displaying the IATA logo has been required to meet stringent financial and professional criteria.

ATOL, Air Travel Organisers License

ATOL is a UK financial protection scheme and it protects most air package holidays sold by travel businesses that are licensed in the UK.

The scheme also applies to some flight only bookings - usually those where you book flights (including UK domestic flights) but do not receive your tickets immediately. This is most common with charter flights but can also apply to discounted scheduled flights or where you pay for flights in instalments. Please note that ATOL does not apply to holidays or flights booked directly with scheduled airlines or flights booked with airline ticket agents.

To make sure your holiday is protected, look for the ATOL logo in your tour operator’s brochures, adverts and websites. Your tour operator or travel agent should also be able to tell you if ATOL protection applies. Your travel business is required to give you an ATOL Certificate explaining how your holiday is protected.

All these organisations provide extra reassurance, security and protection against bankruptcy by your travel provider, and you can recover monies paid. Look out for these symbols, and if you can, avoid companies that do not offer this assurance.