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International experiences come at a cost and although worth every penny it can deter some parents and young people from taking part. However, if you develop a strong fundraising plan no one should miss out!

Make sure that your fundraising activities comply with the law, this is especially important if you are organising a raffle, treasure hunts and collections. Insurance is also important as your fundraising activities will likely involve members of the public.

Proof That Fundraising Does Work

Thousands of Scouts and Guides across the country will tell you that fundraising is the key to their success in raising enough money to go on their international trips. The key to their success is planning, and if done well enough it may mean that their parents won’t have to pay a penny!

Here are some top fundraising tips -

1. Break down your own fundraising total to set yourself manageable goals. Set up a payment plan with a target for every month.

2. Make sure your display that you are a scout. People are more likely to give a little extra to organisations that have a good reputation.

3. People are more likely to help with your fundraising and donate money if you are passionate and enthusiastic. Share your plans of your international adventure and they will be excited for you (and probably a little bit jealous).

4. Fundraising can be hard work – but the more effort you put in the more money you will fundraise. Even the small amounts of money will all add up quickly and help you reach your total.

5. Think about the people you want to target for your different fundraising events and try not to always approach the same group of people.

6. If you don’t ask, then you definitely won’t get. You may be surprised how generous people may be.

7. Approach local companies as they often have a budget set aside for different fundraising causes and events.

8. Attend local fayres and fetes (especially in the summer) and don’t miss an opportunity to get some extra money in your pot. If you can get friends and family to help you too then it will make it a lot easier.

9. Not all fundraising events will be as successful as each other, so if something doesn’t work don’t give up try another idea.

10. Think about what will make a lot of money with not too much time or effort involved. For example, homemade crafts items may take hours to make for very little return once you have take the cost of materials into consideration.

11. Try big events like ceilidhs and barn dances. They are normally really successful and can make big profits if you manage to get enough people to come. These events will require a lot of organisation and will initially need some cash injection. Perhaps they can be a team fundraising effort.

12. Contact local media/ newspaper to let people know your story – the more people that know about what you are doing the better.

13. Don’t miss out on theme events of the year such as Halloween, Bonfire night – these are great themes to base your fundraising on. Of course, Christmas is a fantastic time to fundraise.

14. Set up a Just Giving page to make it easier for people to donate if they don’t live locally. It is also a great tool to track your progress.

Don’t think of fundraising as a chore you can have a huge amount of fun whilst doing it, it is a great way to spend time with your fellow members of your tour party. Good luck with your fundraising and if you need some ideas take a look at our fundraising alphabet below.

A to Z of fundraising Ideas

Abseil, Auction or Afternoon Tea

Bake Sale, Bingo, Barn Dance or Badges

Coffee Morning, Cinema Screening, Christmas Carol Singing or Car Wash

Dinner Party, Disco, Dog Walking or Darts Match

Eating Competition, Easter Egg Hunt or Eurovision Party

Face Painting, Football Match or Fancy-Dress Day

Games Night, Girls or Guys night in or Give it up!

Head Shave, Halloween Party or Hogmanay Event

international Evening, It’s a knock out or Ice Cream Stall

Jazz Night, James Bond Night, Jumble Sale

Karaoke Night, Knitting

Ladies Night, Litter Picking or Lawn Mowing

Marathon Events, Murder Mystery Night

Name the Teddy, New Year’s Eve Party, Nature Trail

Office Collection Day, Open Garden and BBQ

Pamper Day, Packing at the supermarket, Pantomime, Photo Competition

Quiz Night

Raffle, Running or Race Night

Sweepstakes, Sky Dive, Sponsored Silence or Sleep Out

Tuck Shop, Taxi Service, Treasure Hunt

Uniform Free Day

Vintage Day

Walk, Wear it Day, Window cleaning

X box and console games night

Yoga Workshop

Zumbathon or Zip Wire