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Our Social Responsibility

A number of travel and tour operators have become increasingly and positively engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) due to increased consumer awareness and responsible business practices and Canvas & Compass are no different.

Over the years, our staff have helped thousands of people explore various countries watching them return home with a greater sense of the world we share. Whilst travelling and interacting with different cultures and communities we learn to change our way of thinking, break down barriers and leave a positive imprint with our new international friends.

We have decided to establish links with a few projects that are very important to us. Back in 2010, our first experience of a Scout & Guide international event was when we travelled to the 13th World Scout Moot in Kenya and this amazing vibrant and inspiring country will always have a place in our heart, especially as it is the resting place of Lord Baden Powell whose grave can be seen in Nyeri.

The projects that we are passionate about and recommend our groups to visit when in Kenya in order to help promote their good work are –


The Manji Foundation

The Manji Foundation

The Manji family strongly believes that education is the key to a better life and has, for many years now, concentrated its efforts towards ensuring our children are empowered with this important tool – education.

They believe that an educated child will change their own life, their family’s and of those around them. Besides providing financial support from our personal resources we take much delight to spend positive time with these children to help build their confidence and encourage them to excel in their aspirations to succeed.

Today, the scope of their assistance to these underprivileged children’s hopes and aspirations continues to expand under the umbrella of the charity The Manji Foundation and they have a number of ongoing projects throughout Kenya that provide –

  • School uniform relief for student
  • Learning materials
  • Provision of clean water
  • Teacher’s monthly salaries
  • Providing nutritious meals
  • Development of school facilities


The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DWST) operates the world’s most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation programme and is one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa.

The DSWT Elephant Nursery in Nairobi National Park provides a safe haven to orphaned baby elephants rescued by the DSWT. The Nursery provides the first stage in the hand-rearing and development of milk dependent baby elephants. Once they graduate from the Nursery, aged 2-3 years, the elephants move to one of the DSWT's Reintegration Centres in Tsavo East National Park, from where they will ultimately return to the wild.

The orphanage is open to the public for one hour every day, excluding 25th December, from 11am to Noon. During this time the orphans can be witnessed enjoying a milk feed and mud bath (or soil dusting on cooler days). The visit is intended to provide an opportunity for visitors to learn about the work of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned elephants, with one of the Keepers giving a talk throughout the visiting hour, during which time they will tell the stories of the different orphans in our care and explain about the process of raising milk dependent baby elephants. With information provided about the wider threats facing elephants and the reasons there are orphans, as well as the work being done by the Sheldrick Trust and other organisations to protect elephants and wildlife in Kenya, the visit is both educational and informative. Throughout the talk, the elephants will be enjoying themselves eating greens, drinking their milk, playing with one another and on hotter days splashing about in the mud.

Back in the UK, we are also actively giving back to our local Scouting community. We have partnered with local Scout groups in the Vale of Glamorgan giving both our time as volunteers and resources when required.

Back in the UK, we are also actively giving back to our local Scouting community. We have partnered with local Scout groups in the Vale of Glamorgan giving both our time as volunteers and resources when required.